Sipoo igloo information

When you make a booking you will get a confirmation email right away. The next day you will get a link to a guest app with a lot of information. Here is some of the information you will get.

When you arrive to the meeting point you will get all the information you need for your stay. We will guide you thru the functions at the Igloo. Here is some of the information you will get that is good to know:

To enter the pin code for the door put your hand over the black glass to activate the lock. Then enter your pin code, press * symbol. You hear a sound, push down the handle. 

Please watch your head when you get in and out from the igloo! The door is not a standard door!

You can bring your own food and drinks to the Igloo. There is a cool area in the floor where you can store your food and drinks. Here you can also find bottled drinking water and your breakfast in a plastic container.

The dining table is on the left side of the bed. (The mirror). Pull down the handle and the table folds dow. Here you can also find glasses, coffee and tea. The filter coffee maker is also behind the table.  

Cooking: There is a Napoleon gas grill on the terrace for your disposal. It is forbidden to use the grill inside the Igloo. It works the following. 1. Unfold the side tables. 2. Make sure the burner control knob is turned to the off position. 3. Turn on the regulator valve. 4. Push burner control knob in and turn it anti-clockwise to start/high position 5. Push the red igniter button on the left side. Check that the burner is lit by looking through the cooking grates. You should see a flame.

The gas burners inside the Igloo are there for boiling water for coffee and tea. There is no frying pan in the Igloo. 

Toilet: There is a compostable toilet in the Igloo. We recommend to use a toilet on shore, but it can off course be used if needed. Please sit down when you use the toilet. 

 Lifejackets: There are 2 lifejackets in the igloo in the storage behind the toilet. 

Flashlights: There are two flashlight in the igloo, one in the locker on the right side when you enter the igloo and one hanging on the right side in the kitchen.

The heating is set on +20 C. You can adjust the heating on the panel in the kitchen. There are three heat sensors in the igloo. One by the floor, one by the bed and one in the roof, please do not cover them, they are not cameras. 

You can access the free Wifi system by scanning the QR code with your camera. WiFi is also the name of Kenneths dog who you might meet in wintertime.

To use the radio simply push the on button on the radio. You can link it to your phone with Bluetooth by pressing the left button on the panelradio. 

There is a first aid kit in the last drawer in the kitchen. In emergency please contact 112 (Adress: Katrineholmintie 96) or contact our staff.


Relax and enjoy the nature. If you want to try some fishing, there is a fishing hole in the Igloo under the carpet. Don’t tighten the hatch too much when you close it again. The fishing rod is in the small hatch on the right side when you enter the igloo. 

Wintertime you will get snowshoes and/or kick sleds at your disposal. When there is ice on the sea, ask your guide where it is safe to walk. 

We will start our snowmobile tours in late January. A fantastic opportunity to join a snowmobile tour. After the 3 hour tour go to the private sauna and relax at the igloo afterwards. Price: 430€/couple Including lunch and sauna. The snowmobile tour starts at 09:30 in Sipoo. Pickup available from the city center at 09:00.

In January we can offer a floating suit experience for a short while until the ice gets too thick. After the floating suite experience the private sauna is yours to relax in. Price: 150€/couple. Including ice floating experience and sauna. 

Please contact us before checkin if you want to experience a snowmobile tour. 

Where to eat

If you are not interested in cooking your own food there are some alternatives “close by”. Take the kick sleds and kick yourself east to Sipoon ranta. There you find a lovely Italian restaurant called Portside Trattoria. 

If you go west over the ice you find the Gumbo kiosk with good burgers, and the pizza place Bistro burken:

A bit further from the kiosk you find the fantastic bistro and art exhibition Konst och Form,

Wintertime meeting point

The adress for the meeting point is Katrineholmintie 96. Be aware that most of the navigators will guide you 100 meters too short, so continue 100 meters from the curve and you see a green gate and a postbox with the number 96 on it. You probably also see a sign: Burn Out City Events. Here you turn left and continue down to the property. If you don´t have 4 wheel drive it can be wise to leave the car up on the hill. 

Once on the property you will be greeted by Kenneth that will guide you further. 


In wintertime you can rent our private wood heated seaside sauna for an extra fee of 100€. There is also a hole in the ice for taking a dip in the cold water. If you want to go to the sauna please book it from the guest app in advance.

Have fun and enjoy your stay! 

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